QUIZ: Can you pass this alternative citizenship test for Irish people? 11 months ago

QUIZ: Can you pass this alternative citizenship test for Irish people?

Brought to you by McDonnells.

Just how Irish are you?

Irishness is about more than just a passport or a birthplace. It’s a state of mind.

Some things are just inherently Irish, like a crisp sandwich or potato bread. They’re just part of who we are as a nation. Another meal that’s uniquely Irish is the spice bag.

The good news is that you can now prepare this culinary icon in your own home, thanks to the makers of everyone's favourite curry sauce. McDonnells have launched McDonnells Spice Bag Seasoning in two flavours – Classic and Chinese Curry.

And it's fair to say that they've nailed the delicious spice bag taste that we all know and love. So the next time you fancy a tasty spice bag for dinner, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

All this talk of spice bags got us thinking about what really makes a person Irish. In the US, people who want to become a US citizen have to sit a citizenship test so we thought we’d come up with an Irish version. And this one is all about knowing things that really prove you’re Irish!

So how well can you do? Only people who have an instinctive understanding of Irish culture will get 100% in this. Good luck!

McDonnells Spice Bag mix is a blend of masterfully-combined spices to help you recreate a spice bag in the comfort of your home.

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Brought to you by McDonnells.