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28th Mar 2024

Private investigator reveals one ‘clue’ in how men cheat

Jody Coffey


“Men always want to drive”

A private investigator with over 30 years of experience has shared his insights into one pattern he has seen in men when they cheat.

Raymond Ranno runs his agency in Connecticut, US, and says he has worked with ‘hundreds of attorneys, insurance companies, self-insured companies, universities, police departments, and the private sector’.

He claims that much of the private investigator’s work he carries out involves spying on couples who cheat, which has revealed some patterns and giveaways between the two sexes.

In an interview on Locked In with Ian Bick, he explained that he’ll walk into a public space and blend into the background like any other citizen.

“If I go into a coffee place, or a supermarket wherever I need to be, I just take the lid off turn it on put the cap on and it looks like I’m walking around with a coffee.

“Meantime I’m videotaping everything.”

‘It’s amazing how they do that’

Over the years, Ranno has come to learn through his work that when men have an extremely clean car, it can be an indicator of infidelity.

“If a guy’s going to pick up his sweetie on the side, he wants a clean car,” he said.

“As soon as somebody goes to the car wash I think ‘Ha ha, what’s next?’ It’s amazing how they do that.”

Meanwhile, for women, Ranno says they are ‘pretty much the opposite.’

“Women not so much… because they usually jump in the guy’s car. Men always want to drive.

“It’s very rare that I see a guy jump into a female’s car,” adding that he has witnessed cheaters picking up their bits on the side on ‘the same streets’ they live with their partners.

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