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17th Jan 2024

‘I had an accidental affair with my best friend’s husband – now she won’t speak to me’

Charlie Herbert

He had purchased all her adult content

A mum has been left devastated after having an ‘accidental’ online affair with her best friend’s husband.

Australian adult content creator Honey Brooks said she was “gutted” after finding out that one of her anonymous subscribers – who she had met several times – was married to her friend.

She said the man started subscribing to her adults-only page six months ago, spending thousands of dollars on her exclusive OnlyFans content, including the $3,700-a-week girlfriend package. 

It was only when his wife went through his phone that she found out.

Honey, who rakes in as much as $90,000 a month through OnlyFans, told FEMAIL: “On one hand, I felt violated by one of my male friends, but then on the other hand, I felt heartbroken because I was losing one of my best friends.

She explained that subscribers to her are usually anonymous and that she has no access to any personal details about her subs.

“The only thing we get is a username and they can pick whatever username they [want],” she said.

“We don’t see other people’s faces unless they send you a selfie, but it’s so normal for for subscribers not to do that. A lot of them remain anonymous.” Her friend’s husband bought all of her content and was messaging Honey every night, eventually wanting a “more personal experience.”

He ended up paying an extra $2,500 a week for Honey’s ‘girlfriend package’.

The so-called package includes priority messaging and one-way video calls.

She explained that the video calls are “like a live show” where the person watching can comment and interact but the person who is live can’t see who’s tuning in.

Unlike most subs who purchase the ‘girlfriend package’ for a week or two, this man paid for it for three months.

Suddenly, one day he “disappeared off the face of the earth,” and last Tuesday Honey woke up to a string of messages and calls from her mate.

“She had been trying to call me non-stop and then she was messaging me like, ‘Pick up, pick up, It’s about my husband,'” she said.

“I was reading the messages [and] thought, ‘Oh, my gosh! Something bad has happened,’ but as I read more it was about him being on my OnlyFans.”

Her friend was “beside herself”.

Honey said it was a “shock to the system” when she confirmed her husband was the anonymous subscriber.

The friend, who knew about Honey’s OnlyFans side hustle, initially believed her when Honey said she had no idea the man was her husband and the pair met for a coffee. But the next day she had a change of heart after her husband convinced her Honey knew it was him all along.

“She wasn’t picking up my calls. I was getting worried because this big bomb had just hit. I kept messaging her, and she wrote back saying, ‘I don’t think we should continue our friendship,'” Honey said.

“She didn’t want to talk to me but from the details I got from her he was saying that I knew who he was the whole time, it was pre-planned, and we were basically planning on getting together.”

Honey admitted that she thinks their friendship is beyond repair because her friend is still with the man.

She added: “Once a cheater, always a cheater, and I’m sure he will show his true colours again. Maybe when he’s out of her life she might come around.”

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