An Post have delivered their first ever parcel by drone 5 years ago

An Post have delivered their first ever parcel by drone

We are living in the future.

As a society we're all fairly obsessed with technology.


Just try going an hour or so without using your phone and you'll understand exactly what we mean.

And if you've been watching Black Mirror, you'll be very well aware of how badly technology will eventually betray us.

But this latest development by An Post seems like a fairly cool, and hopefully harmless one...

On 5 July, An Post carried out their first autonomous parcel delivery from mainland to island using a drone.


Just after 3.30pm on Thursday, An Post delivered a parcel by drone from Roonagh Pier in Mayo to Clare Island.

Following a number of questions and criticisms on Twitter, An Post cleared up any doubt about whether the drone took the job of a human, saying: "Our postal ops have lots of parcels, packets and letters to deliver to Clare Island and everywhere else."


We don't know if this will prove to be the future of post deliveries in Ireland, but we're definitely excited to see what comes next, and based on this statement by An Post, we might be seeing more of this soon: "Sunshine certainly made it a more pleasant exercise. We don’t currently use drones just testing the possible future."