There's now an app to help you get over that bad break-up 4 years ago

There's now an app to help you get over that bad break-up

Android users will unfortunately have to stick with Tinder.

If you've been down in the dumps after being, well, dumped, then the news is good (except for the part about being dumped); there's now an app to help you recover from a rough break-up.


Mend is an app which acts as a sort of personal trainer for the broken-hearted by tracking their daily progress after the end of a relationship. Described as being "rooted in the latest research on love and heartbreak", it also "incorporates elements on mindfulness" and does not focus on dating or finding the next 'One'.

The brainchild of a former Google employee, the app has its user check in daily to listen to a series of short audio recordings intended to help acclimatise you to a new social situation. It also lends anecdotal support and advice from a team on call 24/7, just in case the shock of coming to terms with being single is worsened by the realisation that you're being cared for by an app.

For those intending to start out, there is also a free crash course on mending.

Mend offers a free seven-day trial, with members being offered the ability to pay on a monthly, tri-monthly or yearly basis, with subscription prices ranging from €4 to €10 depending on the means of payment.


Founder Ellen Huerta says the idea came from a break-up of her own: "I found a lot of cliche advice, but nothing that resonated with me. So I set out to build a site I would use myself.

"After connecting with thousands of heartbroken people all over the world, I realised that there was more work to do. Content was helpful but what people really wanted was more personalised support."

Mend can be downloaded for iOS in the App Store, or alternatively from its official website.