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22nd Jun 2017

QUIZ: Can you beat your friends and family in this test of driving knowledge?

How well do you know your roundabouts from your parallel parking?


Brought to you by Liberty Insurance. 

Are you ready for the real road?

New drivers might still be driving with their hands at 10 and two but that doesn’t mean that they’re equipped to deal with every situation. Almost half of drivers under the age of 30 say they don’t feel confident in certain driving scenarios,* such as reverse parallel parking and using major roundabouts with multiple exits. The real road can be very different to all that theory and it’s easy to know your stuff when you’ve an instructor sitting beside you.

On the other hand, you may have been driving for over 10 years, but do you still have to do some mental gymnastics when you approach a roundabout? The longer you’re driving, the longer you have to pick up bad habits or forget the basics! So who do you think are better drivers – old pros or fresh-faced learners?

And with new research* showing that seven in 10 drivers think Irish roads are more dangerous than they were a decade ago, road safety education is more important than ever.

This test will give you a chance to pit your knowledge against your friends, whether they’re seasoned pros or fledgling drivers.

Good luck!

Liberty Insurance have launched an initiative called ‘Ready for the Real Road’ in partnership with IAM Road Smart Ireland.  They’ve created a series of videos that capture what happens when new and experienced drivers take each other on in a series of driving challenges. Further tips and advice are available on the Liberty Insurance Safety Centre

*Liberty Insurance Road Safety research carried out by RedC Research & Marketing among 475 car insurance owners aged 17+ in the Republic of Ireland. 

Brought to you by Liberty Insurance.