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They said #AskFiannaFail, and the internet responded in the best possible way
Really though, what did they expect would happen?

It all started off innocently enough...

There was a nice kernel of an idea at the beginning here, when the FF frontbench spokesperson for Children & Youth Affairs sent this out on Saturday afternoon:

The internet being the internet, and hashtags being hashtags, and people being people, it didn't take long for the whole thing to kick off in a direction we're sure Rabbitte had no idea it might go in.

But we did. And we weren't the only ones...

Yep, the reaction to the request took a turn that once again proved that the road to your own personal hell is often paved with your own personal good intentions...




However, we have to agree with Tom below when it comes to our particular favourite:

While you're here... check out The JOE Show Christmas Special with Bressie, the Dublin Gospel Choir and a surprise guest appearance from the star of the season, Jesus Christ Santa Claus!

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