Ask the Guru a question & win €100... 9 years ago

Ask the Guru a question & win €100...

It’s a daunting sight, a sheer outcrop of rock framed by the imposing frame of Carrauntoohil rising behind it.

From the base you can just about make out the isolated figure of a man, locked in the lotus position, lost – but only in his thoughts. It’s not everyone who can eschew the modern world to retreat to such a place for reflection.


How, I wonder did this Guru find himself here?

I took the train to Killarney and then sort of hitched and walked.

But spiritually?

Oh, I see what you mean. Well, the path to enlightenment is always a long and difficult one. In my case it most definitely had nothing to do with that incident at the Notting Hill carnival. I merely sought out a place where I could be at one with the world and my thoughts and far, but not too far, away from distractions like the football.


So is it true that he can tell the future?

Ahh I knew that you were going to ask me that. Yes, having forsaken all worldly belongings and devoted my life to one of contemplation, the future indeed holds no secrets for me.

Even the winning Lottery numbers?

Indeed, even those.


So they’d be…?

Very difficult to foresee at the moment. Numbers they, well, they are especially troublesome to divine.

But you think they might be…?

Oh look you’re standing there taking notes and talking all the time. How am I supposed to be able to tell the future with all these distractions going on? I’m not a performing seal.


If you want the numbers that quickly you’d be better off guessing them yourself 

Ok so.

But I get ten percent of anything you win. Now off you go.

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