WATCH: Irish guy gets caught up in huge sandstorm in Australia 4 years ago

WATCH: Irish guy gets caught up in huge sandstorm in Australia

Well... this is terrifying.

This isn't something anyone in Ireland would ever have had to deal with in their lifetime, but that isn't the case for Sean Moran, as he drove home from work one day.


Sean, originally from Galway, moved to Perth in 2011 and currently works as an electrician there on a massive project in Onlslow, in the Pilbara region, in the North-West of Australia.

He tells JOE the following:

"We were travelling back to camp after work and had noticed the storm brewing in the distance all day but timed it perfectly as just when we boarded the bus for home the sandstorm engulfed the site you can see in the video. We actually drove into it."

Sean then grabbed his Aussie mate Dan Goddard and asked for his phone - "His phone has a dual action camera and the clarity was a lot better than mine." - and go to the recording.


You can watch as the vehicle they're in makes it across an otherwise completely empty and desolate road, except for that giant, Mad Max-ian apocalyptic-looking phenomenon filling up their field of vision.

And if you can make it through this video without thinking of that Darude song, then you're better than we are.