New survey reveals the average cost of an Irish wedding and the average gift given by guests 5 years ago

New survey reveals the average cost of an Irish wedding and the average gift given by guests

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While it may come to absolutely no surprise to some that wedding planning is wildly expensive, the sheer volume of money pumped into the ever-growing Irish wedding industry may shock you (and your bank account) to your core.


According to a wedding survey recently composed by Confetti Magazine, Irish couples are allocating, on average, €25,000 to their overall wedding budget.

However, it was also revealed that 35% of couples did admit to overspending when it came to their big day.

The survey also revealed that almost half of couples paid for their own wedding, and 41% stated they regretted not going the extra mile and getting themselves a videographer.


Videographers, according to Confetti, charge an average fee of €1,615 – so you can see why a large number of newlyweds-to-be didn't opt in for yet another costly fee.

In terms of wedding day get-ups, the survey revealed that brides spend an average of €1,697 on their dress and a further €434 on accessories.

Grooms also go all out for the day that's in it, spending on average €697 on wedding garb.

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The survey also revealed that Irish couples are inviting about 170 guests these days, most of which are opting to host the reception in a hotel – an expensive choice, considering they cost, on average, €12,258 for the reception.

Only 58% of couples, meanwhile, are getting married in churches these days, as humanist weddings are on the rise.

As for where the rest of the money goes, the average spend on each of the following may potentially bring a tear to your eye:

  • Ceremony music - €470
  • Wedding band - €1,969
  • DJ - €461
  • Flowers - €695
  • Cake - €410
  • Stationery - €359
  • DIY items and décor - €382
  • Wedding stylist - €1,364
  • Make-up - €334
  • Hair - €291
  • Hen/stag do - €459
  • Honeymoon - €5,127
  • Wedding guest present - €100 per single person, €200 per couple

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