Baby born mid-flight offered tickets for life by Jet Airways 4 years ago

Baby born mid-flight offered tickets for life by Jet Airways

Just in time for Father's Day.

Flying can be stressful at the best of times. If you're scared of flying, even the little things like watching a plane in the sky can put fear through your whole body.


Even the best flyers can still have their off-moments while they're thousands of feet above the ground. There is something about having no control over the plane that can make it a scary place to be when things get a little rough.

Something else which you can have no control over is when you give birth. Whether you're mid-mass or mid-match when the day finally arrives, there is no delaying the process.

So, the same goes if you're mid-flight.

A Jet Airways customer was on her way from Dammam in Saudi Arabia to Kochi on Sunday when her little baby boy decided enough was enough and that he was ready to enter this big, bad world.

According to the Independent, the flight was diverted to Mumbai after his mother went into labour and thanks to a speedy reaction from the cabin crew and a trained paramedic onboard, the baby was born healthy just before the Boeing 737 touched the ground.



His parents were surely on cloud nine when they brought the little baba into the world and while he was a fantastic gift for them to get on Father's Day, the little new-born also got a present of his own.

Whether he is a nervous passenger or a confident flyer, one thing he will not have to stress out about is getting flight tickets as Jet Airways announced shortly after his birth that he would be receiving free complimentary flights for life following his arrival.