Bad things happen if you don't wash your bed sheets once a week 4 years ago

Bad things happen if you don't wash your bed sheets once a week

We feel itchy just writing this.

Look, we don't need to tell you this, but we all love our beds.


Being in bed is literally the best place in the world, for a multitude of reasons.

We sleep there, we watch Netflix there, we do ... an assortment of other activities there, so you'd think we'd be more aware of the necessities of keeping it nice and hygienic.

However it can sometimes fall from our minds to change and clean our sheets as often as we should, and that can be a very bad thing if you let it run on for too long.

Speaking to VICE, the professor of microbiology and pathology at the NYU School of Medicine says we should be changing our bed sheets at least once a week, because if we don't:

"[Large] quantities of particulates accumulate, including human skin cells. Those cells serve as foodstuff for dust mites, whose faeces are very allergenic."


On top of this, you can expect your dirty bed sheets to basically be a breeding ground for fungal spores, mould, dust and even insect parts, all of which can lead to irritation, sneezing, itchy eyes, and a host of many other bad reactions.


Worse still, if you don't regularly wash your sheets in hot water, it can lead to staph bacteria surviving on the bedding, and while this type of bacteria lives on our skin anyway, in rare cases it can actually KILL YOU if it gets into your bloodstream via a cut.

So washing your sheets is pretty much saving your life, and the life of any one lucky enough to be joining you.