Barry Keoghan has a simple story about how amazing Colin Farrell & Cillian Murphy are to young Irish people 4 years ago

Barry Keoghan has a simple story about how amazing Colin Farrell & Cillian Murphy are to young Irish people

"They have time for you, they care about you..."


It's no secret the world loves Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy.

Everyone already knows they're two supremely talented actors and outspoken advocates for equal rights and civil liberties, but now, in a brand new and exclusive interview, rising star Barry Keoghan has exclusively revealed exactly what it is that makes the pair so special in his eyes.

Keoghan, who has had a stellar career since blowing everyone away with his devastating performance in Love/Hate in 2013, was speaking to Dion Fanning on the first episode of Ireland Unfiltered, opening up honestly about his love for his family, his incredible film career and expressing just how much of an inspiration Farrell and Murphy are to a young Irish person such as himself.

Colin Farrell Cillian Murphy Unfiltered


Having starred in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning films The Killing Of A Sacred Deer and Dunkirk alongside Farrell and Murphy respectively, the young Dublin actor knows better than most about what makes these two men so exceptional. When asked about working with such talents, he said:

"That's the joys of acting, you're travelling, you're eating good food, you're going to places that you probably wouldn't go, and you're meeting these amazing people like Cillian, Colin.

"I really mean this when I say this - them two lads alone, incredible, family men, incredibly generous, they have time for you, and they care about you.

"You don't get that a lot, you know what I mean?

"I don't know whether it's an Irish thing looking out for a younger Irish man, but they've been really amazing."

Talking about Colin Farrell's influence in particular, Keoghan continued:

"I think that it's a subconscious thing to him as well, he's not even aware that he's looking out for me, but he cares. Yeah, he's just amazing. In every way.


"He'll always keep in touch, he'll always ask me how am I doing, my girl, my brother. He loves my brother. Just cares about people.

"You see him on set and... you know when you talk to someone and it's like 'yeah, yeah, no worries,' and you know they're not there. With him, he's there, no matter who he's talking to. He's there, he's giving his time, he gives his energy.

"That sounds easy to do, it's not."

It's a measure of the two men that they take such an interest in the life of a younger actor finding his place on the international stage, and Keoghan's personal experience goes a long way to explaining just why they're revered the world over.


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