This BBC News blooper has absolutely made our week 3 months ago

This BBC News blooper has absolutely made our week

There's nothing quite like a blooper on live TV...

BBC provided one of the moments of the year in 2017 when a live Skype interview was interrupted dramatically by the interviewee's kids.

But while this latest video can't hope to compete with the above (few videos can), it's still brightened up our week considerably.

It involves a live BBC News broadcast from over the weekend which experiences some technical difficulties, and a fairly peeved off weather man going by the name of Tomasz Schafernaker.

We can't tell which is frostier, the background to the video or Schafernaker's facial expression.

Video via NewsFunnies


Schafernaker took to social media to apologise for the unexpected problems.

We hear you Tomasz, we hear you.


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