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17th Aug 2015

Beautiful people tend to have higher IQ’s according to new research

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Some people have all the luck.

New research has revealed that a persons facial features can tell others an awful lot about their personality, including levels of intelligence.

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The study proposes that beautiful people are usually smarter than the average IQ levels and that anyone with a side face is often powerful and successful.

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Mark Fetscherin, who is a Professor of International Business at Rollins College, Florida, has found that our first impressions of people are often correct because there’s a correlation between facial features and our personality.

He told The Sunday Times: “Facial width-to-height ratio correlates with real world measures of aggressive and ambitious behavior and is associated with a psychological sense of power.”

While it’s easy to dismiss this report, this theory is also supported by further academic work. British researchers also found a similar result when they analysed similar traits among FTSE chief executives.

Leslie Zebrowitz, professor of social relations at Brandeis University, said that this connection was made due to high quality DNA with few mutations.

Hat-tip to Mail Online

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