Beef tendon condoms are coming folks 7 years ago

Beef tendon condoms are coming folks

It could be a costly mis-steak, but this is the most novel condom idea we have ever herd. Ladies and gentlemen, the beef-tendon condom could be on its way.

According to The New State, on Wednesday, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced it was disbursing $1 million in grants for a next-generation condom that does the job without the perceived pleasure trade-off.


The University of Oregon are to use some of the fund to develop an ultra-thin condom of a polyurethane polymer with “shape memory” properties. During intercourse, body heat would cause molecules in the condom to contract, moulding it to the user. The material also would be thinner — about half as thin as current condoms — and twice as strong. Think we're all nodding so far folks.

Dr. Papa Salif Sow, a senior program officer on the HIV team at the Gates Foundation says that it is in response to the fact that most men questioned prefer not to wear a condom, despite the risks involved.

“The common analogy is that wearing a condom is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. A redesigned condom that overcomes inconvenience, fumbling, or perceived loss of pleasure would be a powerful weapon in the fight against poverty.”

We have to say we have no beef with the research, and it could be a great moo-ve by the Bill Gates Foundation.