It begins... The first Christmas ad for 2017 has arrived 6 years ago

It begins... The first Christmas ad for 2017 has arrived

It was only a matter of time.

The "season" of Christmas seems to last from the second Hallowe'en ends, until whenever we come out an Irish cream coma a few days after New Years, so really we shouldn't be surprised at seeing the Christmas ads arriving already.


With Christmas stores opening earlier and earlier every year - like this one, which opened with 147 days to go before Santy comes down your chimney - and psychologists warning that over-exposure to Christmas songs can actually damage your mental health, there is still some love for the Christmas ads, and we all know how much of a fuss we all make about the John Lewis ad every year, don't we?

Well, this isn't the John Lewis ad, but it is the first supermarket Christmas advert for 2017.

Yep, Asda have beat out their competition by being the first off the starter's block this year.

It has gone up online a few days before it makes its official TV debut, when it will launch in the first ad break of X Factor on ITV on Sunday 5 November.


So join a little girl and her grandfather through Asda's “Imaginarium” - or Christmas workshop - below.

Clip via Season Vlogs