5 craft beers to introduce you to the wonderful world of locally produced beer in Ireland 1 year ago

5 craft beers to introduce you to the wonderful world of locally produced beer in Ireland

Putting paid to the myth that only hipsters drink craft beer.

We all have that one mate – it might even be you – who frowns at the very mention, let alone the taste of craft beer.


Well, I’m here to rain on your parade and let you know that, unlike a lot of mainstream beers, there is quite a significant difference in taste between the various craft beers on offer in the Irish market.

Every craft beer tastes different. Some are fruity, some are dry, some are hoppy and some are a mix of all of the above. At the moment, Irish brewers are making some of the best craft beers in the world, beers which are being sought out by suppliers all over the world.

So why not try something which is produced locally and tastes great too?

To get you started, here’s a list of five of the best Irish craft beers for beginners…


Boom – Stone Barrel Brewing - 4.5% abv

Boom is one of the best starter beers out there.


It’s a fruity Session IPA that is an incredibly tasty brew and should be considered the gateway beer to the amazing beers from the brewery based in Bluebell in Dublin.

This beer is basically a light tropical fruit base with a really crisp finish and it can be ordered here.

Citra Pale Ale – Yellowbelly Brewing - 4.8% abv


Image via yellowbellybeer.ie

A fruity bomb filled with grapefruit and citrus fruit flavours, it’s one of the core range from the Wexford brewery and is always a hit with people who like something a little bit sweet and a whole lot tasty.

Citra Pale ale and other products from Yellowbelly Brewing, including their new card game, can be found here.

Shop Local - Two Sides Brew - 6% abv


Could there be a more aptly named beer for the times we are now living in?

Shop Local is a brewery collaboration of two well-known craft beer pubs, 57 The Headline and Brickyard.

One of my all-time favourite beers, it’s flavoured with mango, pineapple and orange rind.

A really tasty brew which will attract new craft beer fans, it can be ordered online from Brickyard or from 57 The Headline along with some great food options.

Solas Red Ale - Solas – 4.3% abv

Red Ale has been brewed in Ireland since the 14th century, so you can’t have a list of Irish craft beer and not have a Red Ale on it.

This ale is brewed by the wonderful folks over at River Rye Brewery, exclusively for Tesco. It’s available at a very reasonable price and comes packed full of flavour.

A proper hearty beer with rich caramel and biscuit tastes, it’s the perfect beer for cold winter evenings.

Available in Tesco stores throughout Ireland.

Ambush - Trouble Brewing – 5.01% abv

Image via troublebrewing.ie

I have yet to meet someone who has drank this beer and not liked it; it is an all-rounder loved by craft beer newbies and veterans alike.

One of the best and most popular beers out there at the moment, it’s perfect for opening people’s eyes to the delights of Irish craft beer and is available from BeerCloud or from The Beer Club.

The above is just a short list of beginner beers and highlights just a taste of what’s available on the Irish craft beer market, which is on fire at the moment.

If you like any of the beers above, make sure to check out other Irish craft beer breweries such as O’Brother brewing, Larkin’s Brewing Company, Ballykilcavan Farm and Brewery, Rascals Brewing Company, Brehon Brewing, Wicklow Wolf and BRÚ Brewery, amongst many more.

As always, please drink responsibly.