Where to go if you're looking for the best restaurants in Galway 4 years ago

Where to go if you're looking for the best restaurants in Galway

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Colin Harmon gives us his choice of restaurants in Galway.


It's not as if it's a secret that Galway is a fantastic place to go, but that's even more true now that it's set to be the European Capital of Culture for 2020. A big part of Galway's attraction is the long list of restaurants that would rival those you'd find anywhere else.

After all, what's good culture without good food?

Colin Harmon, the man behind 3fe Coffee and four-time Irish Barista Champion had a look at what Galway does to put itself at the forefront of the Irish restaurant scene. he literally wrote a book about running coffee shops, so definitely knows what he's talking about!

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Local fare

If I’m going to go anywhere to eat and drink in Ireland, it’s probably gonna be Galway and it would always involve a number of visits to Jess and Dave at Kai Cafe. This Kiwi/Carlow power couple have created what can only be described as a culinary hug in Galway's West End serving food that is locally sourced, incredibly hearty and yet still wonderfully nuanced and balanced in every bite.

There are queues out the door and all down shop street for brunch on the weekend and a table for dinner is the hottest ticket in town.



What I love about Galway are the small places you can nip into and grab a bite. Tartare for Wine/Nibbles, and Sheridan's Wine Bar for cheese.

Look no further than Urban Grind for coffee and Dough Bros for pizza offer a really great combo of treats you can weave into your day.


If you wanna take a trip further afield then a short drive south of the city gets you to a beautiful old Oyster Cottage that has been run by the Moran family for over 250 years. They’ve a whole host of great seafood on offer here all year round but if you find yourself there in a month with an “r” in it then it means native oysters are in season and the ones on offer here are amongst the best in the world and sourced straight from the crystal clear waters that bubble passed the front door.


Fine dining

If you fancy something a bit more high-end the do your best to nab a booking at Loam, a Michelin Star restaurant run by Enda McEvoy that focuses on using produce sourced locally and served seasonally. The restaurant definitely has a Scandinavian vibe about it but it’s a really great representation of what Irish food should and can be, served in a really great room with excellent service.

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Brought to you by MINI Ireland