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24th Apr 2017

Bill Clinton just PWNED Donald Trump on Twitter with the ultimate dad joke

Rory Cashin

Bill Clinton isn’t someone we normally associate with being a funny man, or particularly good with Twitter.

Aside from being the President – and that whole other scandal issue – we now just associate him with standing next to the Presidential Runner-Up and being the kind of constant spousal support some other First Ladies wish their husbands could be…

Anyways, instead of going off to live out the rest of their lives quietly and watch Trump do his thing, Bill took the fight to Donald’s front-lawn, i.e. Twitter, and taunted the President with the dad-joke to end all dad-jokes.

Now, we’re not explicitly saying that this is an obvious direct (albeit slightly delayed) response to Donald’s previous allegations along similar lines…

… but we’re not not saying that, either. Only Bill knows for sure.

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