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27th Nov 2017

Blindboy speaks to Ryan Tubridy about Conor McGregor and mental health

A great insight into a great mind.

Carl Kinsella

Blindboy Boatclub of The Rubberbandits sat down with Ryan Tubridy on RTÉ Radio 1 this morning to discuss all manner of things from mental health to McGregor…

The Limerick comedian gas cuntist told Ryan about the beginnings of his own anxiety, which then developed in agoraphobia. As far as how he has sought help for his issues, Blindboy said “I have internalised cognitive behavioural therapy as my way of thinking, so whenever anything bubbles up in me that might be a trigger for anxiety or depression or self-loathing, I can spot that trigger when it happens and I can deal with it when it’s very small.”

Blindboy drew a close parallel between mental health and physical health, saying that we all know to mind our diets and exercise regularly, but are not taught how to practice similar behaviours for our mental health.

Asked for his feelings on Ireland’s superstar MMA fighter and boxer Conor McGregor, Blindboy was forthright: “I called out McGregor I didn’t like the homophobic remarks he made, I didn’t like the context and intent he used in them. And I also didn’t like when he slapped that referee there a couple of weeks ago. Someone needs to sit him down, he needs to humble himself.”

“I’m able to disapprove of McGregor’s behaviour while respecting and admiring what he has done with his career… and I do think he’s probably still a good person.”

As for how the public should approach McGregor’s missteps, Blindboy had some advice, saying “I think it’s important as a society that when anybody exhibits behaviour that is detestable we must make sure we hold that behaviour that must be reprimanded or punished or reflected upon, but it doesn’t mean that the person themselves loses value, because that is a form of dehumanisation.”

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