New vampire-themed horror attraction opening in Dublin just in time for Halloween 3 years ago

New vampire-themed horror attraction opening in Dublin just in time for Halloween

Are you brave enough?

Interactive horror experiences are becoming more and more popular in Ireland with each passing year, and this time around there is a big one landing in Dublin for the month leading up to Halloween.


Bloodlust: Rise Of The Vampirates will be launching in the Ambassador Theatre on O'Connell Street on Monday 1 October, and no, that isn't a typo. These vampires were also pirates. Or maybe they were pirates first, and then turned into vampires? Either way, they like to plunder booty, and also feed on blood.

The organisers of the experience had this to say:

"Recently, you may have noticed renovations at the Ambassador Theatre on O’Connell Street Dublin. Some cracks had appeared in the basement floor and essential maintenance work was ordered to be carried out. Working in the crypts below, an ancient door was opened by unsuspecting workmen. A search party was sent beneath and nothing but bloody remains were found.

"It is believed that this crypt was built to contain the most evil creatures of them all, the Vampirates! Bloodthirsty, evil scourge of the sea made immortal by the bite of vampires they had chanced upon adrift at sea. These barely human monsters and their comrades lie in wait below the theatre to test your courage. Run through mazes, crawl through tunnels, try to escape the horror. Fast, frenzied and starved of blood, the Vampirates will get you."


You can get your tickets for the event here, and it might also be a good trip for folks down in Cork who are missing out on their usual Halloween attraction this year.

Clip via mcd productions