These are the 8 books that are still banned in Ireland in 2017 6 years ago

These are the 8 books that are still banned in Ireland in 2017

There are also 266 magazines banned.

Books in Ireland can be banned for two reasons: For being indecent or obscene or for advocating the procurement of abortion or miscarriage, or the use of any method, treatment or appliance for the purpose of procuring an abortion.


There are currently 8 books and 266 magazines banned in Ireland and the eight that are currently banned are:

1.  Abortion Internationally - National Abortion Campaign, since 25 February 1983
2. Abortion: Our Struggle for Control - Various The National Abortion, since 30 September 1983

Both of these publications came from The National Abortion Campaign. They openly publicised the addresses of abortion clinics and other relevant family planning information but it fell foul of the moral gatekeepers of Irish Censorship and was subsequently banned.

3. Abortion: Right or Wrong? - Dorothy Thurtle, since 13 February 1942


Despite the title, Thurtle's book discussed the issue of sexual intercourse and family planning, this is a quote taken from the book:

When it is realised that a great proportion of [the misery and suffering borne by women in their efforts to control their natural fertility] is avoidable and would not occur if contraceptive facilities were generally available.

4. Book of Love - Dr. David Delvin, since 16 December 1983

The book was set out to be a no-nonsense guide to safe sex, family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.


Delvin's Book of Love also contained information and guidance on the then-emerging AIDS epidemic but it never saw the light of day.

5. Complete Guide to Sex, since 27 July 1990

The Censorship of Publications Board’s register provides very little detail about this book but it is believed to be banned for similar reasons to Book of Love.

6. How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed - Graham Masterton, since 24 December 1985


Another published title of Masterton’s Isn’t It Time You Did Something Kinky? is available to read in Ireland but his book on tips to please the male species was not something that the board agreed on.

7. Love Diseases -Paul Redfern,  since 30 September 1983

Yet another book about family planning and discussing things of a sexual nature.

8. Make it Happy - Jane Cousins, since 21 July 1981

Again, in the same nature as Book of Love, Cousins' book was put on the list as it contained information on sexual health and family planning, despite how useful it could have been to both men and women in 20th century Ireland.


All of the books remain banned under the abortion rule law as they contain information about the procurement of abortion. While most books are let free after 12 years of being banned, a different law is in place for books that touch on the subject of abortion.

The 12-year rule does not apply for these books and until someone appeals the banning, they will remain banned indefinitely.

The full list including the magazine can be found here.

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