This brand new device is a must-have for any Guinness fan 1 year ago

This brand new device is a must-have for any Guinness fan

Brought to you by Guinness

Every Guinness-lover will want to try this genius new device...


Want to enjoy a smooth, tasty Guinness in the comfort of your own home? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect gift for a Guinness fanatic in your life?

Well, we've got just the thing...

Introducing Guinness NITROSURGE, a brand new invention that's a game-changer for drinking Guinness at home.

Guinness NITROSURGE is a new device that, when combined with cans of Guinness NITROSURGE, delivers a deliciously smooth and creamy Guinness.


Created with those who enjoy Guinness at home in mind, this newly-developed technology lets anyone enjoy a superbly poured Guinness anywhere, any time.

The handy new device uses ultrasonic technology to break down the Nitrogen in Guinness to give you an incredibly smooth two-part pour every time.

It's so simple to use. Here's how it works:

  • You Connect the device to a Guinness NITROSURGE can.
  • Push the power button to activate the device (the Guinness harp logo will light up when it's ready to use!)
  • Pour 1: Hold the glass at 45° and bring the can to a horizontal position to begin the first pour. As the beer flows, rotate the can and glass together until the can is at 45° and the glass is vertical. Stop the pour when the glass is three quarters full and allow the beer to settle for about 60 seconds.
  • Pour 2: To complete the pour, leave the glass sitting on the table and angle the Guinness NITROSURGE can at 45° to slowly top up the glass and form the classic Guinness domed head.

Created by some of Guinness' top innovators, designers and taste experts, it's the ultimate way to get that signature Guinness surge and settle at home.

Find out more about Guinness NITROSURGE here

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Brought to you by Guinness