The brand-new Guinness 232°C festival kicks off next week, and sounds brilliant 1 year ago

The brand-new Guinness 232°C festival kicks off next week, and sounds brilliant

The first ever Guinness 232°C festival will see a series of events taking place across Dublin over the next month.

Summer may be over, but there is never (we repeat, NEVER) a bad time to tuck into some flame-grilled food. You can't beat that smoky flavour, and all the better when it's cooked by someone who has some idea of what they're doing...

Guinness 232°C (named after the temperature Guinness roasts its barley) is coming to town, and it'll involve world class chefs taking over bars across Dublin. There will be just about everything from the finest Irish meat and seafood to fresh vegetables and noodles on offer, with only one rule for the chefs:

They have to cook over an open fire.

We've already spoken about the smoky flavour you get off of a BBQ, but this is the next level. Give world class chefs like these a chance to show off their skills over a roaring fire, and you know you're in for something special.

Curated by food expert Ali Dunworth, the festival is spread across three different weeks in September and October:

  • Bonobo (19 – 21 September): Headlined by Grálinn
  • Jam Park (26 – 28 September): Headlined by Bia Rebel
  • The Bernard Shaw (3 – 5 October): Headlined La Cocina Cuevas

On top of all this incredible food, there's also set to be an incredible mixture of live music on offer. This isn't your typical selection either, with everything from DJs and reggae music to enjoy alongside world class food.

Tickets to the event cost €10, and come with a complimentary pint of Guinness or Pure Brew non-alcoholic lager and two signature dishes. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can purchase tickets here.