Brazil Bands No. 5 – Antônio Carlos Jobim 8 years ago

Brazil Bands No. 5 – Antônio Carlos Jobim

We continue our look at some of Brazil's finest musicians with a glimpse at the life of one of the country's most famous musicians, Antônio Carlos Jobim.

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What's that old cliché? Last but not least. It certainly rings true in the case of JOE'S fifth Brazilian Band, the legendary Antônio Carlos Jobim.

The singer is arguably most famous for his song Garota de Ipanema , which has become one of the world's most covered songs, but his life and work epitomizes the Bossa Nova genre and Brazilian music as a whole. Not only is his unique voice instantly recognisable, but Jobim also played the guitar, flute and Piano.

He really puts JOE to shame, we can only play the spoons.


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Jobim's stepfather was the first to notice the young man's prodigious talents when he gave the singer his first piano. The singer performed in local bars and clubs until he landed his first break, working as an arranger for a record label. It was here where he first met his writing partner, Vinícius de Moraes, and the duo were given the task of writing the score to a new play, Orfeu de Conceição.

He also collaborated with fellow Bossa Nova legend Joao Gilberto and American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz on their seminal albums, Getz/Gilbero. These albums were hugely significant in spreading the genre of Bossa Nova to the world. The album also swept the 1965 Grammy awards winning in four categories including Album of the Year.


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International and critical acclaim moved Jobim's career into the stratosphere as he began to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music including Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. The singer sadly passed away in '94 however his contribution to Brazilian music was seismic.

13 studio albums, 5 live albums and 5 movie scores is just a snippet of his discography and this isn't even including his albums with Getz or Sinatra. He received a lifetime achievement award at the 54th Grammy's and he will always be regarded as as one of the most influential songwriters of the 20th century and a true Brazilian icon.


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