Brazilian Beaches No.2 - Lopes Mendes beach 8 years ago

Brazilian Beaches No.2 - Lopes Mendes beach

Brazil has some of the best and most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world and today we look at the Lopes Mendes beach.

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Situated in Ilha Grande, a majestic and beautiful island just off Brazil's Costa Verde. Not as much of a tourist hotspot as the Copacabana and that's a good thing. The beach itself is a sweeping 3km of the whitest, finest sand that stretches out to a calm, crystal blue ocean.


With not a building or restaurant in sight, Lopes Mendes is lined with palm and almond trees offering only a little shade. It is said that the sand is so fine and soft that you'd think you were walking on flour.



In order to get to the beach, you have to walk up over a hill and then down through a small forest. As you walk out of the forest, the beach is right in front of you in all its glory. It's the kind of location you'd imagine would have been a perfect location for 'Lost'.

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