Brazilian Beaches No.3 - Praia da Fazenda 8 years ago

Brazilian Beaches No.3 - Praia da Fazenda

Continuing our look at some of the best beaches Brazil has to offer, today we look at Praia da Fazenda in the state of São Paulo.

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Praia da Fazenda is situated almost directly halfway between two of Brazil's biggest cities in Rio and Sao Paulo and is widely considered to be one of Brazil's most beautiful natural jewels. Literally translated as Beach Farm, the location in Ubatuba, Sao Paulo North Coast, is 3.5 km long.


The stunning natural scenery of Praia da Fazenda attracts filmmakers and TV directors. It was at this beautiful beach that they filmed a lot of scenes from the movie 'Hans Staden' , directed by Luiz Alberto Pereira, as well as scenes for the mini series 'The Wall' for the Globo network.



The Praia da Fazenda is simply magnificent. Being located in a preservation area, it does not have any type of construction or bars or kiosks or hawkers; excellent for those who desire the most natural environment possible. It's a little piece of heaven on earth where protected, heavily forested coastal mountains drop intravenously into beaches and the amazing azure sea.

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