Hank from Breaking Bad's Schraderbräu beer is finally a reality 1 year ago

Hank from Breaking Bad's Schraderbräu beer is finally a reality

"Brewed to silky perfection."

Good news for those still mourning the loss of Breaking Bad - Hank Schrader's fabled Schraderbräu is finally happening.


Having first surfaced all the way back in season two, Schraderbräu has naturally led to a big demand from fans for the thing to actually be created and made widely available.

Following some rumours and false dawns, it's just about ready.

Actor Dean Norris had a chat with Esquire this week, noting that the beer should land in the next couple of months.

"I'm excited, man," he said. "We talked about it a long time ago, but it's finally coming."

Norris isn't just the poster boy for this enterprise, but rather the man who spear-headed an operation in which finding the right brewery was key.

Step forward the team at California's Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company who have concocted a 6.3 per cent ABV drink that comes in 22-ounce bottle form.

"My main concern was that it wasn't a gimmicky-type thing," said Norris.


"We wanted to make sure someone wasn’t just buying it to put it on their shelf—although, they’re welcome to put it on their shelf as well.

"We wanted them to taste it and go, 'Wow, that’s perfect.' Everybody that has tasted it has used the word 'fantastic,' so we really love it."

Schraderbräu is expected to hit American selves in late May, though Norris confirms that it will also be available online.

Perfect for rewatching Breaking Bad, you'd imagine.

Now, if we can just make Skittlebräu happen, we're in business...


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