New podcast series looking at Ireland's "dysfunctional" mental health system launches 5 years ago

New podcast series looking at Ireland's "dysfunctional" mental health system launches

Where There's a Will intends to challenge a mental health system that is "failing" the country.

Since co-founding mental health charity A Lust for Life in 2015, Niall 'Bressie' Breslin has displayed a keen focus on mental health in Ireland.


As such, the new podcast series from A Lust for Life aims to ask tough questions as mental health care in Ireland continues to struggle significantly and related casualties rise.

Across six episodes, Where There's a Will intends to shine a light on a mental health system they describe as "dysfunctional", asking who is responsible for fixing it and what society as a collective can do to bring about long-term systemic change.

The debut episode lands this Monday 12 November, with the remaining five releasing on Thursdays from 15 November on.

"We fundamentally believe that the solutions are out there, that collectively we can influence our political leaders to drive towards a mental health system that truly serves our beautiful island," says Lust for Life Chairperson and Acting CEO, Paula McLoughlin, who co-hosts the show alongside Ciara O'Connor Walsh.


"It is a privilege to bring together so many smart, articulate and informed people to share their perspectives on mental health in Ireland," adds McLoughlin, referencing guests who include President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists John Hillery, CEO of Aware Dominic Layden and Senator Joan Freeman, who founded Pieta House.

"This podcast provides a ‘state of the nation’ on the mental health system as it is today – and, more importantly, provides a roadmap for a better future."

As well as the rolling panel of experts, eight individuals will share their own personal experience of using mental health services in Ireland, discussing stigmas, barriers to care and what 'good' could and should look like.

Where There's a Will will culminate in a live podcast episode recorded as part of the First Fortnight Festival in January, and plans to extend beyond that as part of a campaign of influencing political accountability in mental health.


You can check out the podcast trailer here.

For more information and to contribute, you can visit the official A Lust for Life website.