Brooklyn Beckham's latest career move has pi**ed a lot of people off 6 years ago

Brooklyn Beckham's latest career move has pi**ed a lot of people off

Fashion photographers are none too happy after 16-year-old Brooklyn Beckham was employed to shoot a campaign for Burberry.

David and Victoria's eldest son employed by the fashion brand at the expense of other, experienced professionals on account of his massive social media following - five million and counting - with cries of nepotism ringing out.


Excited to photograph the @Burberry campaign tomorrow. Watch it live on their Instagram & Snapchat ?#THISISBRIT

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Fashion photographer Chris Floyd, speaking to The Guardian, was just one photographer left annoyed by Burberry's decision to employ the younger Beckham.

“David and Victoria Beckham represent sheer willpower and graft. Especially her, she’s climbed that mountain all by herself," Floyd said.


"They represent hard work and then their 16-year-old year son comes along and it’s sheer nepotism. He hasn’t done it from hard work, which is counter-intuitive to what his parents represent.”

“Brooklyn Beckham’s got however many million Instagram followers, that’s what’s attracted Burberry," Floyd added.


"The people his age are Burberry’s target market or the future target market.”

Jon Gorrigan is another photographer who pointed out that Brooklyn Beckham would have no knowledge of camera technology, lighting set-up or photo editing software.