This Dublin bar is celebrating World Buckfast Day with Buckfast 99 ice creams 5 years ago

This Dublin bar is celebrating World Buckfast Day with Buckfast 99 ice creams

Other bars around the country will also be celebrating the venerated day with their own concoctions.

World Buckfast Day is rapidly approaching - Saturday 12 May, so we're not sure how that will work with Bank Holidays... - and dozens of bars around the world are celebrating the much-loved tonic wine by creating some special one-off delicacies.


In Ireland alone, the following bars will be partaking in the celebrations:

  • Filthy McNasty's, Belfast
  • Ryans Bar, Belfast
  • Cask, Cork
  • The Bernard Shaw, Dublin
  • Eatyard, Dublin
  • Harbour House, Newcastle, Down
  • Annie's, Omagh, Tyrone
  • JD Tiplers, Portadown, Armagh
  • Betty Blacks, Bangor, Down
  • The Goats Toe, Bangor, Down
  • Primacy Bar, Bangor, Down
  • Halo, Ballycastle, Antrim

Other bars as far and wide as Ayia Napa to Australia will also be partaking, with some of the bars and restaurants coming up with some truly ingenious creations, including one bar in Glasgow that will be providing Buckfast brownie and ice cream, while the The Goats Toe in Bangor will be serving something called the Uncle Buck burger, which sounds ... interesting.


However, we've got to give it to The Bernard Shaw in Dublin for coming up with the Buckfast 99 ice cream, which is something that we DEFINITELY want to try out.

They'll also be dishing out some Buckfast Wine & Cheese boards, as well as some Bucky cocktails.

Sounds like as good a way as any to celebrate the big day.