Introducing Buckfast Beer, the greatest drink ever invented 5 years ago

Introducing Buckfast Beer, the greatest drink ever invented

When two fantastic drinks collide.

There hasn't been a partnership feared this much since Yorke and Cole tore up defences for Manchester United back in 1999.


Picture the scene. You're heading out for the night and you start pre-drinking with a bottle of Buckfast because after all, the bucky will make you lucky.

However, as you head into the nightclub/pub, you feel the need to have something that bit easier on the head and opt for a nice beer for the rest of the night.

You think to yourself 'if only there was some sort of drink that combined my two favourite alcohol based beverages to make one fantastic concoction.'

That day has arrived.


King Kong Company (who are playing at this year's Body & Soul festival) and YellowBelly Beer (Gold Medal Winners Alltech International Beer Cup 2017) have joined forces to launch a Buckfast infused beer for festival season.

The Buckfast Beer is called Commotion Lotion and has been built specifically for festivals, coming in a handy 330ml can which is ideal for bringing to gigs.

YellowBelly and King Kong Company first crossed paths at the Great Irish Beer Festival. Yellow Belly invited the band to their Willy-Wonka-like facility and after both parties sampled a few brews, they created the idea of Buckfast Beer.

Commotion Lotion is available from all good stockists of craft beer from Thursday June 22, just in time for Body & Soul.


You can catch King Kong Company in their natural habit when they headline the Midnight Circus Stage at Body&Soul on Saturday June 24.

Body&Soul is the spiritual home of King Kong Company, it's the festival that gave them their start and it's the festival where they've had some of their most memorable performances.

More details about Buckfast Beer can be found on the Yellow Belly Beer and King Kong Company websites.

Enjoy Commotion Lotion responsibly