Bushmills Irish Whiskey announces series of immersive live events on Instagram 3 years ago

Bushmills Irish Whiskey announces series of immersive live events on Instagram

Brought to you by Bushmills Irish Whiskey

The Black Bush Stories campaign returns for 2020 with fascinating explorations of the worlds of charcuterie, photography, tea blending and candle making.


Bushmills Irish Whiskey has announced that the popular Black Bush Stories series will return in a virtual setting for the 2020 edition, with a series of interactive Instagram events running on consecutive Wednesday nights.

As has been the case in recent years, each event will explore a key theme and celebrate an individual and their craft, while providing the opportunity for audiences to discover a new skill in the process.

Hosted weekly on Instagram Live by whiskey experts and award-winning TV presenters, Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison, the series will see Bushmills Irish Whiskey assemble a cast of collaborators across Ireland to bring the popular whiskey-inspired masterclass events into viewers’ homes for the first time.

The series kicked off last week with a meat curing masterclass from charcuterie master Rob Krawczyk.


Rob demonstrated to viewers how to use Black Bush whiskey alongside everyday kitchen cupboard ingredients to cure and smoke meat for a stay-at-home charcuterie board as well as providing a recipe for the perfect whiskey cocktail to accompany it.

The collaborators who will be providing expert masterclasses in the 2020 Black Bush Stories series in the coming weeks are creative photographer Freddy Kelly (AKA Raw Dublin), tea maker Oscar Woolley and candlemaker Michael Morris, all of whom co-hosted Black Bush Stories events throughout Ireland in 2018 and 2019.

Rob Krawczyk


Freddy Kelly 

Oscar Woolley


Michael Morris

Each event will be live streamed at 8pm every Wednesday on the @BushmillsIRL Instagram channel, where viewers will be introduced to the world of Black Bush, before hearing the collaborator’s story and following alongside an interactive masterclass.

The series will also be available on IGTV for viewers to watch back in their own time.

The full event schedule can be seen below; more information on the individual collaborators and masterclasses can be found here.


Wednesday 6 May: Black Bush & Photography with Freddy Kelly, AKA Raw Dublin

Creative photographer, Freddy Kelly will guide viewers through a mobile photography masterclass, offering top tips on speed, angles, light and more through whiskey-themed demonstrations and showing the audience how to get the most out of their phone cameras.

Wednesday 13 May: Black Bush Blended with Oscar Woolley from Suki Tea

Tea maker, Oscar Woolley has a treat in store for aficionados of both whiskey and tea and will show viewers how to taste and understand the flavours of both as well as offering up his top tea-making tips.

Wednesday 20 May: Black Bush by Candlelight with Bearded Candlemaker, Michael Morris

Got some old candles hanging around the house?

Candlemaker, Michael Morris will show you how to melt them down to create new aromatic wax melts while also talking the audience through the supreme craftmanship required in candle-making, traits that are mirrored in the creation of Black Bush whiskey.

Inspired by the unrivalled character of Bushmills Black Bush, Black Bush Stories celebrates independent, curious and spirited talent, using inspiring stories and immersive events to appeal to those who are keen to discover new experiences.

To read more about the Black Bush Stories campaign and each collaborator’s story, visit blackbushstories.com.

Brought to you by Bushmills Irish Whiskey