Bushmills Irish Whiskey collaborates with master craftsman to host workshop 3 years ago

Bushmills Irish Whiskey collaborates with master craftsman to host workshop

Brought to you by Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

‘Black Bush and Leatherwork’ will bring together the worlds of Irish whiskey and leather craft.


A master of his trade, Belfast leatherworker Jason Karayiannis is a rare breed. Following in the footsteps of both of his great-grandfathers who were also craftsmen, he is the driving force behind his leather making company Father's Father.

He balances a day job as a digital designer with creating the best quality leather products, and it's his love of the fabric that keeps him going on the long days.

“There’s something unique about leather that I adore,” explains Jason. “It’s such a durable material and if made correctly, can be passed down from one generation to the next. And because it ages naturally, each piece tells its own wonderful story of the road it has travelled.”

As Jason is sure to say himself, the most simple situations can lead to you finding something you're able to put your heart and soul into. He first began experimenting with leather when he was looking for a laptop sleeve some years ago, and found it impossible to locate something that wasn’t mass produced and impersonal. He then did what any self-respecting tanner’s grandson would do and bought a full hide of leather to create his own.


Bushmills workshop

Leatherwork is not a common vocation however, which means Jason's search for the necessary supplies and tools of the trade is growing increasingly difficult. The good news for him though is that people are growing increasingly interested in buying high quality over cheaper counterparts, but he says we should still understand the importance of buying locally.

“We need to keep buying local. Working with leather allows me to create products that will last a generation, keeping locally produced materials and skills alive, and I hope more people buy into this mindset,” he says.

The stories and skills his father and grandfathers passed on to him are what help him hone his craft, and now Jason is offering you the chance to tap into that irreplaceable knowledge for yourself. He is set to host a hands-on workshop at Drury Buildings in Dublin on Wednesday, 29 August in association with Bushmills Irish Whiskey Ambassador and acclaimed bartender, Paul Rocks.


The ‘Black Bush and Leatherwork’ event will open with Paul delivering an educational tasting session on some of Bushmills’ best-loved whiskeys, sharing the history and heritage of the iconic Irish brand. Attendees will then have the opportunity to hear about Jason’s story and partake in a leatherwork masterclass where each guest will make and take home their own initialled leather coaster and bookmark. Specially-created Black Bush drinks will also be served throughout the evening.

As part of the collaboration, Jason has created 10 limited-edition ‘Bushmills x Father’s Father’ leather hip flasks from a single piece of full grain vegetable tanned leather - the essential companion for whiskey enthusiasts. Head to blackbushstories.com to find out how you can win one of the exclusive leather hip flasks and to register for ‘Black Bush and Leatherwork.’ To join in the conversation and keep up to date with the #blackbushstories series, follow Bushmills Irish Whiskey on social media.

Brought to you by Bushmills Irish Whiskey.