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15th Feb 2018

Caller rings Joe Duffy radio show when unable to get an ambulance for injured 87-year-old mother

Rory Cashin

Doctor strike

The caller claims to have been waiting over two hours for an ambulance to arrive.

On Thursday afternoon, a listener rang into RTE Radio 1’s Liveline show, and spoke to Joe Duffy about the incident.

Carol received a call from the folk looking after her mother’s Carelink bracelet, to say that it had been activated.

She arrived at her mother’s home, to find her on the kitchen floor.

The 87-year-old had fallen, and was going in and out of consciousness, and Carol rang the Carelink bracelet operators to tell them the situation.

The Carelink people then immediately rang emergency services, requesting an ambulance.

After 30 minutes, when no ambulance had arrived, Carol then rang 999 herself, and was told there was no ambulance coming, and all they could suggest was to wait until one of Dublin’s 12 ambulances was freed up.

Carol then rang Liveline, where a doctor happened to be on the line, and gave suggestions in how to keep her mother more comfortable until an ambulance arrived.

You can listen to the full conversation below:

RTE then announced that the HSE happened to be listening in to the show at the time, and the rang in and requested Carol’s mother’s address and dispatched an ambulance after hearing the call.

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