You can now get an exact LEGO replica of your house - but it'll cost you 2 years ago

You can now get an exact LEGO replica of your house - but it'll cost you

Like, a lot.

Like, more than any of us should be willing to pay for a LEGO version of our homes, but listen, each to their own.


The point is that having an exact LEGO replica of your home made is a thing that we can do now - and that's enough for us, tbh.

The custom creations are the work of designer Shari Austrian of Little Brick Lane, a business that will create a LEGO replica of your home, complete with matching interiors and everything.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it's not - because here's her Etsy page with the proof. 

Class? Class.


Shari told Today HOME that she got the idea for the custom houses when she saw her twins playing with their own LEGO.

"As we were building our new house in 2015, I was fascinated by the design and development," she said.

"The whole family was so excited to move and I thought building a LEGO replica of our residence would be a special present for them and a celebration of our new life."


With custom orders ranging from just over €900 all the way up to €3,500, it's safe to say that Austrian isn't just going to build anybody's home out of LEGO.

Only those who submit adequate architectural plans and photographs of their dwelling will be considered.

As well as those who can afford it, of course.

The designer said that she favours using the iconic toy because of its simplicity - but also because of its complexity.


"I’m a perfectionist just as much as I’m an artist and I value the clean lines, precision and interlocking strength of the bricks," she said.

“My creations thus far have been primarily recreational. It was only after an overwhelming enthusiastic response from people who saw them that I decided to start Little Brick Lane at the end of 2017."

So far, Shari has sold seven custom homes on her Esty page - which may not seem like a lot, but honestly, just imagine how long it takes to design and build each one.

You can check out Shari's Etsy page here.