The ultimate Irish sandwich is now available for delivery 4 years ago

The ultimate Irish sandwich is now available for delivery

Get in my belly.

The folks at Tayto have teamed up with Deliveroo to offer fresh Tayto sandwiches.


For a limited time only, for three weeks to be exact, Doughboys sandwich shop in Dublin 2 will be offering three gourmet Tayto sandwiches available exclusively to order via Deliveroo.

The three sandwiches, which were specially designed by Doughboys owner Joey Somer, are:

The ‘Tayto Cubano' for the dedicated sandwich worshipper (€8.50): Packed full of Irish ham and slow cooked Mojo roasted pork, mayo, Swiss cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and slathered in hot sweet mustard, topped off with layers of Tayto cheese and onion crisps.

The ‘Deluxe Ham n’ Cheese Tayto Toastie’ indulge in the ultimate comfort food (€6.00); Slowed cooked ham and sweet cheddar cheese, chilli tomato jam, topped off with crunchy cheese and onion Tayto crisps, sandwiched between two freshly baked slices of multigrain sourdough bread, even Mr Tayto himself couldn’t resist.

The ‘Classic Tayto Sambo’ just got dialled up a notch! (€4.50); Tayto’s finest cheese and onion crisps, lathered in lashings of Dairgold butter, sitting between two fluffy slices of artisan white bread creating a mouth watering magic combo.

This special offer only lasts until August 31st and can only be bought through Deliveroo.

Liam Keenan, General Manager of Deliveroo Ireland says:

“Tayto has been Ireland’s No.1 crisp brand for over 60 years, and we’re thrilled to be able to join forces and create such a unique sandwich menu.

We’ve all made our own crisp sandwiches at some point in our lives, myself included. Now the pros over at Doughboys have spent weeks painstakingly creating the perfect range of Tayto crisp sandwiches so you don’t have to! We hope our customers will take advantage of this unique offering while it lasts.”