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18th Nov 2019

Carlsberg launches new alcohol-free beer in Ireland

Rudi Kinsella

Carlsberg alcohol-free

Carlsberg 0.0 is on the way.

Although we are going to spend the next 24 hours absolutely cursing everything and anything that comes out of Denmark, we’re not so petty that we would ignore this…

Following in the footstps of Guinness, Heineken and other brands, Carlsberg has just launched an alcohol-free beer in Ireland, clocking in at a fairly healthy 46 calories per bottle, as well as no sugar.

Carlsberg says that Carlsberg 0.0 will offer all the flavour of a regular Carlsberg Pilsner, but without any of the alcohol.

The drink will be available nationally from the end of November and will be available in 330ml bottles in pubs, off-licences and supermarkets throughout the country.

It will be available in supermarkets from February onwards.

We’ll be sure to try it out, providing we beat Denmark 2-0 in the Aviva Stadium tonight…

Speaking about the launch of the non-alcoholic beer, Carlsberg Brand Manager, Hannah Todd, said: “We are delighted to launch Carlsberg 0.0, a refreshing, great tasting Danish pilsner with zero alcohol into the Irish market. 

“Balance is a way of life for the Danes. They like to savour the everyday, whether meeting up with friends in the pub after work and cycling home or attending a gig and getting up for a park run the next day – with Carlsberg 0.0 you can choose both.

“The Irish and the Danes share similar values, and with an upward trend in Ireland of consumers seeking more balanced drinking choices, we’re confident that this new beer will go down incredibly well.”

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