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17th Oct 2018

Nine celebrity moustaches ranked from worst to best


Celebrity moustaches

Brought to you by Movember

Sometimes they work, other times they REALLY don’t…

Over the past 10 years, the men of Ireland have been growing out their ‘taches in the name of charity, and men’s health. While they all of course deserve praise for supporting such a worthy cause, it’s not a look that everyone can pull off.

That said, a well-grown moustache is something to be damn proud of. We took a look back through the archives of Celebrity moustaches, and here is our list ranked from worst to best.

9. Michael Cera

Celebrity moustaches

We can’t decide whether he’s set the bar low for good moustaches, or exceedingly high for bad moustaches. There aren’t many celebs his age who’d still be able to pull off the scraggly-teenager bumfluff ‘tache, and fewer again the number who’d wear it down the red carpet.

It’s so awful that you have to give him credit. Fair play Michael, fair play.

8. Justin Bieber

Celebrity moustaches

It’s not just the moustache that’s questionable about the singer’s latest look. The long hair and cap don’t do him many favours, but that ‘stache just puts the tin hat on it.

Find a mirror, Beebs, and take a damn good look at yourself.

7. Sacha Baron Cohen

Celebrity moustache

You have to give Sacha credit where it’s due. Not only is it one impressive moustache, but it’ll be a common sight at Halloween parties across the country in a few weeks’ time.

With all that said, we can’t say we recommend emulating this look.

6. Paul Rudd

Celebrity moustache

Yes, we know this handlebar moustache was all part of his iconic role in the Anchorman movies, but that doesn’t mean we have to like the ‘stache itself. We’ll give him brownie points for being an all-round legend, however.

60% of the time, this moustache looks creepy every time.

5. Jamie Heaslip

Celebrity moustache

While there are other Irish sportsmen who support Movember, there aren’t many as memorable as Heaslip’s hairy lips. There was something cartoon villain-like about his pencil moustache though, so we can’t say we’re advocates of the style itself.

One of the first Irish celebs to support Movember on the big stage.

4. Lionel Richie

Celebrity moustache

“Hello… is it mo’ you’re looking for?”

It would be remiss to leave the legendary singer from any moustache-related lists. It’s been a key part of his look since the 80s, and he’s still rocking it as well as he ever.

3. Nick Offerman

Nothing fancy needed here. Just a plain ol’ moustache that perfectly reflects his character of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.

Any man capable of growing that kind of ‘stache is alright with us.

2. Will Ferrel

Celebrity moustache

Take notes, Mr Rudd. Ferrel’s Ron Burgundy would be nothing without his perfectly trimmed moustache.

You can practically smell the Scotch whiskey.

1. Tom Selleck

Celebrity moustache

The undisputed king of celebrity moustaches for the best part of 40 years. Since his days in Magnum P.I. to his performance in Blue Bloods, he will always be lovingly known as “your man with the moustache.”

It’s hard to see anyone taking his crown any time soon.

Now in its 10th year in Ireland, Movember encourages people to Grow, Move or Host and raise funds and help tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. To help Movember raise funds for men’s health, go to to sign up or donate

Brought to you by Movember

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