Check out the private island that YOU and 11 friends could take over for three days 2 years ago

Check out the private island that YOU and 11 friends could take over for three days

Brought to you by Rockshore Lager. 

Ever wanted to stay on your very own island?

The option of escaping to a private island off the west coast of Ireland is a tempting one. So we jumped at the chance to take up Rockshore's invitation to test out the attractions of Collanmore Island Lodge in Clew Bay.

Aside from sunsets on the beach, great views of bay and an idyllic setting, it also comes fully stocked with food and drink. Afraid you might get bored? When we sent our own Alan Loughnane to check it out, there were daily outdoor activities to keep the guests amused.

The good news is that you and 11 friends could enjoy three amazing days on this very island. And you can enter the competition as many times as you like! Alan and 11 others were picked up in Westport and taken to this little bit of paradise off the west coast.

First things first, the group met Ciaran, the island's owner. Now there's a job title we'd all like to have... He gave them the grand tour of their island home for the next few days (and what can be YOUR island getaway for an entire three days in August!) and the keys were handed over.

The island facilities include the numerous beds and showers and access to the nearby islands. Not to mention the chance to explore the area, as the group found out when Kris and George showed them everything the island had to offer the next morning.

After the tour, everyone returned to a slap-up meal that certainly hit the spot.

"We were starving after the morning's activities, but they dropped off a delicious meal and refreshments," says Alan. The group finished the evening with a cold beer, an amazing sunset and the buzz of relaxing in this tranquil setting.

After breakfast the next day, it was time to get out and about again. There's plenty to get up to on this getaway that could be all yours - so when there, embrace the great outdoors and take in every moment. It's entirely worth it.

"This was an amazing experience," Alan says. "A gorgeous island, great food, loads of brilliant things to do and the chance to savour a nice cold beer as the sun went down over Clew Bay. What more could you want?"

To be in with a chance to follow in Alan's footsteps with 11 friends, simply enter here. What are you waiting for? Good luck!

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Images credit: Joe.ire. Please drink responsibly. 

Brought to you by Rockshore Lager.