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01st Jul 2016

Man claims drinking his own urine has kept him healthy for 23 years

Alan Loughnane

You put in what you get out we suppose…

We’ve heard a lot of health food fads and diets over the last number of years but this one is hands down the most bizarre one we’ve seen.

There’s a group of people in China who believe that your urine contains healing properties and have been systemically drinking their own urine for years.

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Called the China Urine Therapy Association, they believe that drinking urine leads to a longer and healthier life and that it’s even an effective cure for cancer.

They’re surely *bad pun alert* taking the piss…

The group’s managing director, an elderly man from Chengdu, recently gave an interview to the Chengdu Economic Daily where he spoke about his obsession with drinking pee.

Video via Jim Carrey

“It’s been 23 years. I’ve been drinking urine since I was 48. Urine can cure all illnesses, like back problems, emphysema and farsightedness,” he said.

“I drink 500 to 1,000 ml of urine five to six times a day.”

He claims that in just three months of pee-drinking, his eye sight had dramatically improved and he no longer needed to wear glasses while playing games.

He only drinks urine at certain intervals after 5 o’clock though and rather disgustingly he said that it gets a sour taste if he doesn’t drink enough water.


Before you all go running off and peeing into bottles for lunch (we know that’s the next logical move), there hasn’t been a whole lot of research to back up his claims.

We’ll stick with the water… for now.

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