Chris O'Dowd surprises pub goers in Kerry with a lift 2 years ago

Chris O'Dowd surprises pub goers in Kerry with a lift

"You look familiar..."

It's been a big year for Chris O'Dowd as he won an Emmy in September for his role in State of the Union.


Although some would argue that the biggest part of the year was meeting a few Cork people on his night out celebrating after.

O'Dowd was also in Kerry recently and surprised quite a few people by ferrying them to and from their local pub as part of the promotion of Social Spin.


Social Spin is an initiative supported by the Vintners Federation of Ireland and Guinness to provide pub goers with a safe transport option to and from the pub.

Volunteers in two parishes in Kerry - Causeway and Faha - have signed up to drive punters to the pub and back home  rather than drinking themselves.

70 people have volunteered to drive from 5pm until closing time as part of the initiative to help combat rural isolation and provide safe lifts to and from six local pubs.

Anyone over 25 years of age and licensed to drive can sign up and volunteer to drive the Social Spin car.


O'Dowd, who we've confirmed is over 25 due to his infamous clip playing in goal for the Roscommon minors in 1997, was helping to raise some awareness of the initiative in Kerry recently.

Clip via GuinnessEurope