Christmas leftovers: 5 Tasty Turkey Curries to try out 7 years ago

Christmas leftovers: 5 Tasty Turkey Curries to try out

It’s that time of year again when you look in the fridge and think to yourself, “ah Jaysus, is there anything other than turkey in here?”

In the days following Christmas you can be sure of more turkey sandwiches than you can probably stomach, so we’re taking a look at five different curries you can try out with your festive leftovers.


Turkey Korma


If you are looking for a way to use your leftover turkey in any other dish than the usual turkey, ham & stuffing sandwiches - or ham, stuffing & turkey if you’re adventurous - then a turkey korma is the perfect dish.

This mild curry is sure to be a hit with family and friends over a few festive pints and a movie.


Coconut Turkey Curry

coconut curry

Why not try something a little bit exotic with your turkey leftovers this year and make a coconut turkey curry...

After you've eaten all of the rich food that's associated with Christmas, this curry will be the perfect dish to reboot the system and give you a valid reason to say no to the turkey sandwich that will inevitably be offered to you in ever Irish household that you visit over the coming days.


Turkey Tikka Masala


This mild curry is the perfect way to use up the meat that has been looking at you every time you’ve opened the fridge since Christmas day.

Warning: This curry has a very distinctive orange/red colour, which may not be suitable for those with stomach complaints after a ‘dodgy sandwich’ from Aunty Mary the night before.


Turkey Vindaloo


This curry is for the man who is, by now, completely sick and tired of the taste of turkey, but one who doesn’t want to waste the leftovers. Vindaloo is a VERY spicy curry, which is guaranteed to mask the taste of what you’ve been eating for the past two days.

The ‘Whatever Is In The Fridge’ Turkey curry

whatever goes curry


This curry is unique in that no two will ever taste the same. Ever… Characterised by a blatant disregard for what traditionally would be put in a curry, this dish may include cocktail sausages, stuffing, or even the dreaded Brussels sprouts.

When you get to this point you’ll know it’s time to go shopping for fresh food again...