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28th Aug 2017

This company are allowing their staff to take ‘hangover days’ off from work

This is genius!

Denise Curtin

Eh, YES please.

DICE, a London based ticketing firm has just introduced the greatest staff perk of all time. Hangover days.

Basically, all staff now hold the ability to take up to four hangover days a year, making those happy hour cocktails on a Thursday night even more sweet.

Each full-time contract stipulates that all staff can call in sick and spend the day in front of Netflix by simply sending a WhatsApp to their boss with ‘music’, ‘beers’ and ‘sick’ emojis. A day off work to recover while binge watching House of Cards and not feeling guilty? Heaven.

The only condition is that the night of partying has to be work related in order to take one of these special days off.

Speaking to Grazia, Phil Hutcheon, founder of DICE explained: “All our team live for music and some of the best deals in the industry happen after a gig. We trust each other and want people to be open if they’re out late experiencing live music. There is no need for a fake sick bug.”

And according to the music company, many other offices within the city are catching on to the idea and realising that there is a need for a “shakeup to the sick day system”.

Likewise across the pond, Italy are in talks of becoming the first Western country to allow all women staff to take paid ‘menstrual leave’ each month for those periods that make it unbearable to work. PREACH.

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