Couple with 22-inch height difference asked if there are any issues in the bedroom 1 year ago

Couple with 22-inch height difference asked if there are any issues in the bedroom

'When we had our first kiss we had to be sitting down'

A couple with a 22-inch height difference admit they get asked "all the time" about whether they have issues in the bedroom department, but say they're perfect for each other.


Brooke Dostillio, 25, and her boyfriend, Dylan Painter, 24, got together in January 2020 after meeting on dating app Bumble while at university.

At a huge 6ft 10ins, Dylan towers over his petite partner Brooke who is just 5ft.

But despite their stark height difference, they insist that it "doesn't matter" and has no impact on their "intimacy." Speaking about their dating life, Brooke said:

"We're pretty used to our height difference. I'm so short so everyone's tall to me, and Dylan's so tall that everyone's short to him – so it doesn't really matter to us.

"It's more of a shock to other people when they see us out."


The couple have been going out for three years and now live in Germany, where 6ft 10in Dylan plays basketball professionally (SWNS)

She added: "They usually comment on our height difference, and mostly say stuff to Dylan because he is unusually tall.

"Online people do always ask how 'it' works and whether our height difference changes our intimacy – which it doesn't.


"But we just think it's funny, we knew going into publicising our relationship people would make those comments."

The couple have racked up millions of views on TikTok by sharing funny videos of their relationship.

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They met on Bumble while they were both studying at the University of Delaware. Dylan is a professional basketball player, and the pair have since moved to Germany where Dylan plays for local team the Trier Gladiators and Brooke studies remotely.

Brooke said: "I really like our height difference, it's definitely very handy with certain things.

"If I can't reach stuff in the kitchen or on top of the wardrobe, he can get it."

She continued: "And if something falls or is under the bed, it's easier for me to get it.

"When we had our first kiss we had to be sitting down, and when we kiss now, he has to lean down a lot. But I like it.

"After being with Dylan I couldn't imagine being with someone closer to my height. I've become so comfortable with it and wouldn't ever change it."


So there you go, the most obvious evidence you could wish for to prove that size truly doesn't matter.

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