Couples who sleep in this position have the most sex, apparently 1 year ago

Couples who sleep in this position have the most sex, apparently

The results are in, and they're pretty comfortable...

How's your sleeping pattern?

Are you in a committed, loving relationship?

Got a favourite sleep position?

Good news if the answers to the above are

a) Great!

b) Yes!

c) Why, facing my partner, of course!

A new study carried out by Mattress Advisor found that couples who sleep facing each other with their limbs intertwined have the most sex, with many who favour that position getting right down to it on a nightly basis.

Don't know about you, but that 'intertwined limbs' detail probably comes into play.

The study, which took in over 1,000 people in relationships, revealed that men's least-favourite sleeping position is flat on their back with their partner curled up on top.

Women, meanwhile, aren't fond of the whole 'big spoon' thing, ranking it as their least-preferred sleeping option.

Elsewhere, the secret to a great relationship seems to be located underneath the covers, as a whopping 96% of couples who feel well-rested are "satisfied" with their current romance.

As for couples who opt to sleep alone, snoring makes for the biggest wedge in the relationship.

So there you have it. Early to bed, early to rise, and all that...