This is what the future of airline travel could look like in a post-pandemic world 1 year ago

This is what the future of airline travel could look like in a post-pandemic world

Coronavirus has already drastically changed society, but it's also an opportunity to redesign things for the better.

Renowned design studio PriestmanGoode have unveiled a new design concept that explores how airline travel could look in a post-coronavirus world.


The Pure Skies concept revolves around three key areas: personal space, hygiene and touch-free journeys, all of which will be important considerations as we move into a new world after coronavirus.

Additionally, Pure Skies does away with the idea of class-based seating systems, ditching Economy and business in favour of Rooms - individual booths where customers can enjoy an extra level of protection and comfort - and Zones.

This is what the Zones concept looks like

Zones features dividing screens every other row for better separation between customers, a staggered seating configuration to maximise the feeling of personal space, and a gapless seating design that is easier to clean, thereby reducing the risk of contaminated surfaces.


This is what the Rooms concept looks like

In the Rooms concept, each seat is a fully enclosed personal space, with personal overhead stowage, wardrobe, and lighting and temperature control.


Nigel Goode, Co-founding Director at PriestmanGoode said: “This latest work from the studio represents pragmatic innovation. With the benefit of over 30 years’ experience, we know how to harness design to achieve long-term positive change.

"We’ve looked ahead to imagine future scenarios and taken into account new passenger behaviours driven by the global pandemic to ensure our designs can be implemented within a few years and will meet user and airline requirements for many years ahead.”

Luke Hawes, Director at PriestmanGoode added: “As a team our mantra has been to ‘build back better’. We have also found ways to include flexible features that differentiate the service and enable tailored products and tiered pricing options for airlines.

"This is about providing flexibility and protecting the industry for the future, with ideas that fly."