New Census data shows how likely people in certain jobs are to marry each other 2 years ago

New Census data shows how likely people in certain jobs are to marry each other

The Central Statistics Office has released data from the 2016 Census that shows what kind of jobs show the highest rates of married couples within the same profession.

"It turns out the chances of marrying someone from your own occupation are quite high," according to the brief from the CSO.


According to the data, no fewer than 80% of female farmers were married to another farmer.

  • 62% of female publicans were married to a fellow publican.
  • 58% of female taxi drivers were married to a taxi driver.
  • 49% of female Gardaí were married to another guard.
  • 36% of doctors and medical practitioners also married within their profession.
  • 35% of female shopkeepers were also married to a shopkeeper.
  • 34% of female bus and coach drivers.
  • 25% of female dentists.
  • 24% of female vets.

All the data suggests that, depending on your profession, your chances of being married to someone from that profession can be pretty damn high.

For men, the occupation that was most likely to see a same-job marriage was nursery nurses and assistants, at 57%.

This was closely followed by "nurses and midwives" at 55% and. The drop off was more steep for men after that.

  • 39% of male florists were married to another florist.
  • 38% of male primary and nursery teachers were married within the profession.
  • 35% of male doctors and medical practitioners.
  • 30% of male publicans and managers of licensed premises.
  • 26% of male hairdressers.
  • 26% of male dancers and choreographers.
  • 23% of male dentists.

The report notes that the CSO "omitted the data on civil same-sex partnerships and same-sex marriages recorded in Census 2016, as we could not provide this level of analysis on them due to the relatively smaller numbers."