Cult Classic: Groundhog Day 9 years ago

Cult Classic: Groundhog Day

If you're one of those people who hates watching the same thing over and over again, then you'll definitely love the cult classic Groundhog Day.

With Groundhog Day (the actual day, February 2) still fresh in our minds we thought what better then to bring you the cult classic that is Groundhog Day, a 1993 classic starring Bill Murray.


Ok, so if you are someone who hates repetition, you won’t love the movie Groundhog Day - we lied on that one. Repetition is what the whole movie is pretty much based upon. An egotistical weatherman named Phil Connors (Murray) is sent to report on the American event that is Groundhog Day.

For those of you who are unaware of what exactly is Groundhog Day then please take a moment to check out C.G.P Grey’s brilliant explanation of the event below:

So, back to the movie. This is the fourth time that weatherman Connors has been sent to Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania to report on what he believes is the most worthless event ever and because of this he gives a rather 'half-hearted' report during the festival. This would turn out to be mistake no.1.

After the celebration is finally over, a massive blizzard engulfs Punxsutawney, which Connors (remember, he's a weatherman) had said would pass by them. This cuts off access to the rest of Pennsylvania and shuts down long-distance phone services making it next to impossible to contact the ‘outside world’. This is where the 'don don don' sound should come in.

Connors, along with his news producer Rita (Andie MacDowell) and his cameraman Larry (Chris Elliott) are forced to stay in Punxsutawney until the weather dies down.

However, Connors wakes up the next morning to realise that it is once again February 2 and the day unfolds in exactly the same way. He is aware that he is reliving the pervious day, but everyone else around him seems to be living February 2 for the very first time.


You’d think that living the same day out over and over again would be a terrible and terrifying ordeal for someone, and it was for Connors, at first. But then he realises that this could actually work out to his advantage, which it does. He begins using his extra time to gather as much information about the townsfolk as possible so that he knows them better than they know themselves.

Seducing gorgeous women, stealing money and getting into police chases takes up Connors' Groundhog Day, time and time again. But there is one thing that all the time in the world can’t get him and that’s the love of his producer Rita.

The rest of the movie follows Connors as he tries, in vain, to capture the heart of his colleague as he uses every repeated day to learn a little more about her and himself.

So as C.G.P Grey explains in the video above, if you don’t have time for Groundhog Day then consider this: firstly, you have no sense of fun and secondly, groundhogs have mystical powers that shouldn't be reckoned with.

You’ve been warned…


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